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Marc Ramos

Marc Ramos
Was long time ago
57 y/o,
Dallas, United States
True Feelings is a sickness that cannot be cure with medicine, It can only be cure if you find someone like yourself and have the same feeling for each other. I am kind, loving, caring, open minded, romantic, God fearing man and age does not really mean anything to me, I believe it's just a count of Numbers and what matter most is the feelings we both have for each other that matter most and Every other material things are just window dressing, i don't ask for more than i willing to give. I was born and raise up from a decent family and well trained according to the word of God. I have never hurt or cheated anyone in my life since i was born because i know the feeling and i don't want anybody to hurt me again because i have been hurt many times in my life and that's why i have to be very careful because i don't want to be hurt again.
Aged between:
45-60 y/o
Relationships, Marriage
Want to meet:
I need a real woman not internet women. I need a woman who is honest, loyal, loving, caring and a woman that will be there for me in the good and the bad.
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