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Was long time ago
35 y/o,
Kazan, Russia
I am energetic, nurturing, fun loving, and compassionate. I'm at a time in my life to pursue my dreams and explore new adventures. I have several sides to my personality. I am usually shy when I first meet people, but then once I get to know them I become kind of like the life of the party. I love my family and friends, but realize there is something missing from my life and I believe that is a great guy to share it with. I guess I would be best described as the girl next door and just one of the guys at times.
Aged between:
30-50 y/o
Friendship, Relationships, Marriage
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I'm looking for a nice guy. Someone who has his life in order and who knows what he wants. Someone kind, silly & fun, loves to laugh and laughs a lot, loyal, trustworthy, respectful, easy going, and outgoing. I believe a relationship is based on trust, honesty and communication. There has to be that chemistry - if not - it wont work. I need someone willing to give me my space when needed.
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