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Juleta, 37 y/o, Scorpio, Los Angeles, United States
Zlata, 35 y/o, Aquarius, Torez, Ukraine
Vivian, 26 y/o, Taurus, New York, United States
Esther Williams, 30 y/o, Libra, Paris, France
Liana, 36 y/o, Sagittarius, New York, United States
Mercy Francis, 34 y/o, Virgo, New York, United States
Ekaterina, 28 y/o, Virgo, New York, United States
Dawn Beckwith, 34 y/o, Pisces, Manassas, United States
Anna, 52 y/o, Taurus, Vladimir, Russia
Susan, 36 y/o, Libra, Dallas, United States
Jemima, 36 y/o, Taurus, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Mercy, 28 y/o, Aries, New York, United States
Julianna, 26 y/o, Cancer, Kiev, Ukraine
Larissa, 37 y/o, Aquarius, Ukrainka, Ukraine
Chenxinyan, 31 y/o, Pisces, China Grove, United States

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John, 20 y/o, Sagittarius, New York, United States
Peter Anderson, 37 y/o, Aquarius, England, United States
Serg, 36 y/o, Scorpio, Los Angeles, United States
Frank, 53 y/o, Libra, Los Angeles, United States
Levin, 59 y/o, Gemini, Stockholm, Sweden
Chris, 62 y/o, Aquarius, Chapel Hill, United States
Steven, 33 y/o, Leo, Virginia Beach, United States
Andrew, 46 y/o, Virgo, American Fork, United States
Graham, 51 y/o, Sagittarius, Kelowna, Canada
Telvin, 54 y/o, Pisces, Frisco City, United States
Greg Hunt, 56 y/o, Sagittarius, Münster, Germany
McDinns, 44 y/o, Pisces, Uster, Switzerland
Martins, 42 y/o, Gemini, Dallas, United States
Michael Jacob Lowel, 50 y/o, Capricorn, Atlanta, United States
Choko, 23 y/o, Taurus, Oujda, Morocco
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